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Hyper-locally nurtured Apartment Management Software SpideyManage started its journey with a vision to make the gated infrastructure secure and stand on its own. Founded in 2014, Steve Medius Private Limited, the company under the umbrella SpideyManage nurtured and developed the product with an insight of creating an atmosphere of procedure, security and safety in the world of gated premises.

SpideyManage provides corporate-level ERP solutions to the RWA/AOA/gated society managements. It offers cloud-based Smart ERP tools designed to make administrative tasks easier for estate managers. The app is conceptualized in a that it works as a personal assistant, accountant, security officer and HR manager, all in one. It offers an integrated accounting system, streamlined service request management for building users, a visitor gate management solution, scheduling features for shared facilities, and IoT based data collection platform for analytics.

Incorporated in 2020, SpideyManage Private Limited is building multimedia mobile applications that help the urban Indians to manage their lives effectively. The apps promote and facilitate citizens’ participation in their immediate surroundings. It helps harness the power of social media to inform and empower the neighbourhood besides facilitating a resident’s easy access to a wide range of services.

The company is working with the vision and mission to inculcate social awareness among the residents, prompting them to participate equally and actively in their self-governance.

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