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RWA Solution

The Online Solution to Faster, Easier, Smarter Resident Society Management

SpideyManage is cloud based tool designed to make administrative task easier for society and RWA managers. It is programmed to be your personnel assistant, accountant, security, HR and PR all in one.

  • Records and provides real-time updates

    Maintains easily accessible record of all residents, personnel and facilities

    Provides real-time updates on task and complaint resolution, and personnel attendance

    Close task faster with automated steps designed to streamline administrative processes

  • Accounting assistance

    Generate society/RWA bills, maintain important accounting records, track inflow and outflow of funds with an inbuilt accounting software

  • Security management

    Ensure neighbourhood safety with a cost-effective, smartphone- based gate security system

    Track incoming and outgoing visitors with real-time updates

    Get comprehensive feedback on service providers entering the premises

  • HR management

    Assign and prioritise tasks for service personnel with a few clicks

    Delegate tasks faster with an integrated automated messaging system

    Track personnel attendance with synchronised security gate records

  • PR management

    Communicate with residents on Notice Board

    Get public opinion via Opinion Polls

    Stay in touch with community concerns through Forum Discussions

    Reach out to the civic bodies through Spidey Buzz

  • Spidey buzz

    Access hyper local news about your society and your residential area

    Contribute your stories to the only news site for urban grassroots concerns

    Learn from experiences of other societies and RWAs in the city

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