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Visitor Management

The Online Neighbourhood Security System Every Resident and Society Needs

The SpideyManage Visitor Management System comes integrated with its society/RWA Management App for residents and society management. It is a cost-effective security system for society gates that connects smartphones and their cameras with a real-time online log.

  • Visitor entry

    Residents can screen visitors at the society gate from wherever they are

    Online log of entries and exits keeps track of visit durations and timings

    Pre-approved entry rights granted by residents make check-ins faster for security guards

  • Neighbourhood watch

    Commonly shared service providers (cleaning staff, domestic help) get filtered by trust ratings from residents

    Society/RWA admin gets a real-time overview of all entries and exits to screen unwanted visitors

    All visitor photos and vehicle numbers get archived for access

  • Benefits

    Easy to install and deploy

    Residents can monitor visitors remotely

    Records of entry and exit logs are easily accessible with photos, datelines and contact information

    Analytics based on visitor traffic can help in improving security management

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