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Resident Solution

The only app that lets you work and bond with your neighbourhood society and RWA

From daily tasks to important community matters, SpideyManage is the one mobile solution you need to interact and transact with your Society/RWA effectively. There’re a host of utility features that lets you pay society/RWA bills, monitor gate security, call maintenance services home and so much more.

  • Visitor Management

    Verify your visitors before they enter the society/RWA gate

    Automate entrance rights for service providers and guests when you’re not home

    Share a common record of trusted visitors with the community

  • Accounts

    Pay your Society/RWA bills online.

    Access itemised invoices and detailed records of all past financial transactions

  • Facilities

    Book common facilities (community hall, game room, furniture, or gym) through the app

    Make cancellations or changes with ease

    Pay online for bookings (wherever applicable)

  • Maintenance Services

    Log complaints and urgent requests with the society plumber, electrician and others

    Escalate complaints and track resolutions.

    Rate providers and contribute to service improvements



  • Notice Board

    Get Society/RWA notifications wherever you are

    Get timely alerts on important matters like water shortage and power outages

  • Forums & Groups

    Discuss and share issues related to your society/RWA

    Find out neighbours who share your interests and organise group activities

  • Opinion Polls

    Make your vote count on important society/RWA decisions

    Add your voice to community matters without disrupting your personnel schedule

  • Spidey Buzz

    Reach out to local authorities on municipal matters through a medium that focuses solely on hyperlocal civic issues

    Keep abreast of important events and occurrences in your backyard

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