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Inventory Management

A Unified Dashboard to Organise Your Inventory, Documents, Projects and Meetings

The SpideyManage app can be the personal assistant society/ RWA and estate managers have been looking for with its single-view dashboard for inventory analytics, quick retrieval of documents and streamlining communication.

  • Inventory assessment

    Take better stock of inventory needs with data insights into supply and usage cycles

    Manage vendors with performance analytics

    Schedule orders, automate communication with vendors

  • Project manager

    View and manage project progress with a handy timeline

    Set deadlines, and associate relevant documents and contacts against each task

    Organise and filter communication to specific sub-groups

  • Document organiser

    Access archived documents under specifically tagged files

    Link your files with specific tasks and steps in a project

    Share information through a variety of formats with selected contacts

  • Instant communicator

    Communicate with people through the app without needing their mobile number

    Send mass notifications to specific flats, blocks or groups of people within the neighbourhood through convenient filters

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