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  • Golden Nest Apartment
    Garhi Chaukhandi, Sector 68, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201307
  • Mahagun Manor
    Located in one of the posh localities of Noida, Mahagun Manor is a delight for connoisseurs of stylish living. Consisting of a total of 138 well-furnished 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats distributed among eight towers, it is one of the best housing societies of Sector 50, Noida.  Developed by Mahagun India Pvt. Ltd., the residential colony is planned in...
    F 30, Sector 50
  • Rajat Vihar Block C
    If ever there was an area of Noida that could be called a rich man's playground - with the best of lifestyle, food and luxury - it is Sector 62. And nowhere is there more demand for 2 BHKs than here. In such a scenario, Block C of Rajat Vihar comes as a boon to people looking to live and invest here. Spread over 12 acres, it is the third segment of...
    C-Block, Sector 62
  • Vasant Apartment
    Vasant, meaning spring, is a season associated with blossoming flowers and greenery. Vasant Apartment complex in Sector 62 offers you just that, in the form of myriad green trees and neatly laid out flower pots across the Society. The residential complex offers skilfully planned and designed 2 and 3 BHK apartments. The apartment complex is spread o...
    c-58/2, Sector 62
  • A.T.S Greens-I
    With a church right in front, trust ATS Green - 1 in Sector 50, Noida, to be an oasis of calm. And yes, it has got a school too - Ramagya - just 100 meters away from the complex. What's more, this bouquet of flats developed by ATS Builders have every modern amenity onc can think of. Rainwater harvesting? Tick that as yes! Firefighting equipment? Ti...
    Plot A-86, Sector 50
  • A.T.S Greens-II
    One of the biggest luxuries of urban living is landscaping and open green space. Just like ATS Greens I, ATS Greens II also have enough greenery to soothe your senses. The 4-acre residential space is loaded with lush green gardens, parks and play area, outdoor sport facility, clubhouse, swimming pool, parking and 6 befitting residential towers. The...
    A-58, Sector 50
  • Aakansha Apartments
    The market is just a stone's throw away and so is the hospital and the school. If Elixir Aakansha Apartments in Sector 62, Noida, has got its location right, it also scores well in terms of construction: Developed by Elixir Buildcon, the interior layout of the 72 apartments are thoughtfully executed. Which means its 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments are p...
    Plot no B- 9/12, Sector 62
  • Alok Vihar I
    With a total of 5 acres, plot number 3 and 4 of Block F form the compound of Alok Vihar 1. A neat set of housing space, this one is loaded with 12 towers, a series of parks and a noticeable clubhouse. In an upscale sector like 50, the compound is a hive of 350 flats which come in variants of 2, 3 and 4 BHK. Lots of amenities are in place here and t...
    F3 & F4, Sector 50
  • Alok Vihar II
    In a typically '70s Bollywood plot, twins separated at birth reunite to slay the villain in the end. Alok Vihar II, one half of the ‘Alok Vihar twins’, is a carbon copy of Alok Vihar I in Sector 50, Noida. Together, they pack in quite a punch! Located in F block of Sector 50 on plot number 6, this 5-acre residential Society comprises of...
    F-6, Sector 50
  • Amrapali Eden Park
    Amrapali Eden Park is a majestic housing complex developed by Amrapali Group over an area of 3 acres. The compound has 4 striking towers comprising of 312 apartments in 2, 3 and 4 BHK. Equipped with most modern day amenities such as full power backup, water supply, rainwater harvesting systems, play area cum garden, etc., the Society is in proximit...
    Plot F-27, F-Block, Sector 50
  • Amrapali Exotica
    With its arched balconies evoking a Mediterranean feel, this residential complex looks truly exotic! Spread across 3 acres, Amrapali Exotica in Sector 50, Noida, is for connoisseurs of fine living. The apartments here have been creatively designed by world renowned master architect Hafeez Contractor. Conveniently linked to the pulse of Noida, the S...
    E-8, Sector 50
  • Antriksh Greens
    Antriksh Green is one of the few societies in Noida with a very high standard of living. It not only offers its residents a range of amenities like a swimming pool, a club and a gym inside its compound, but also luxuriously landscaped parks and jogging paths. However, since the Society is relatively new, its RWA is yet to be formed – the comp...
    Plot-F-7, A-903 Sector 50
  • Arawali Apartments, D-1
    With not many housing societies in the Sector 52 area, Arawali Apartment is virtually a landmark in the area. This cluster of 9 towers housing 800 flats (all in 1 BHK) was built and developed by NDA and in line with some of the other Authority developed compounds. With a few small parks scattered within the walls, the compound has walking lane...
    D-1, Sector 52
  • Asian Paints Apartments
    With a name like Asian Paints Apartment, it isn't difficult to figure out the professional profile of its residents. Yes, they are mostly officials of paint company Asian Paints that has also developed the housing Society. Located on the main road and right opposite the Kanchenjunga market in Sector 53, the Society offers skilfully planned and desi...
    A-1, Sector 61
  • Assotech Windsor Greens
    Like the name suggests, Assotech Windsor Greens is actually very green and serene. The 5 towers that make up the Society are spread over an area of 5 acres. That means there is plenty of open spaces which residents (mostly from IT, corporate, govt. sectors) of the 164 apartments use to their full advantage. The entrance is very welcoming, marked by...
    Plot F-28, Sector 50
  • BHA Millennium Tower
    This one offers a striking first impression what with its futuristic design. The gated apartment complex here comprises 70 flats spread across 1 acre of land. Life is good here given its central location in Noida. The famed Fortis Hospital is literally next door and so are several IT institutions. The well laid out flats in 2 towering blocks enjoy ...
    B-9/17, Sector 62
  • Bhagirathi Apartments
    Located in the industrial area and sharing its boundary with the B Block park in Sector 62, Bhagirathi Apartment complex is a conglomeration of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with sizes varying between 1,300 and 1,480 sqft. Sprawled over 2 acres of land, the Society is adjacent to the CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation) office and Symbiosis Institute o...
    B-9/14, Sector 62
  • Bharat Petroleum Apartments
    Sprawled across 2 acres, Bharat Petroleum (BP) Apartment complex is a housing Society meant for BP employees only. The Society is strategically located near prime areas such as Ghaziabad, the arterial NH 24 and Fortis Hospital. The complex has an assortment of 2 and 3 BHK flats with a total of 152 flats in 10 towers. Most neighbours of the Society ...
    B 9/5, Sector 62
  • Designers Park
    What does one look for in a home? Is it spacious? Airy? Well-constructed? Designers’ Park offers you all that you need. And probably more... Developed by Shankh Property Mart, this is one of the popular residential developments in Sector 62, Noida. The Society consists of 204 flats spread over six towers. It offers judiciously desi...
    B-9/1A, Sector 62
  • GAIL Apartments
    One of the biggest luxuries of city living is space, which sadly, we never have enough. That's where GAIL Apartment comes in: It is known for its spacious flats and huge open areas. Built across 6 acres of land, there are 280 flats in 2 and 3 BHK spread across the 14 towers within the complex. Working parents, are you with kids to care? No sweat. T...
    B-9/1, Sector 62
  • Gardenia Grace
    Modern outlook, outstanding infrastructure and assortment of 2 to 3 BHK flats make Gardenia Grace stand out from the crowd of societies around. A cluster of 142 splendid flats in 2 towers cuddle up gracefully across an expanse of 2.1 acres at Sector 61, Noida. Be secure and feel secure when you are at Gardenia Grace as the Society is located very c...
    Block-E 16 A E-Sector 61
  • Gaurav Adhikari Sahkari Awas Samiti Ltd.
    Now this is a Society for those who are used to sprawling spaces and would have no less than a 4 BHK apartment. Yes, all the 68 flats here, distributed among 3 towers, have 4 BHK layouts. Developed by Poorvanchal Builders and spread over 2 acres, Gaurav Adhikari Sahkari Awas Samiti is located close to Mamura Chowk on the main road. Residents of the...
    C58/6, Sector 62
  • HCL Towers
    Right in the middle of a market, a hospital and various educational intuitions, HCL Towers has a lot going for it. As the name suggests, it has been developed by the HCL Group. For medical emergencies, you have Fortis hospital next door; even as it offers spacious living in skilfully designed 2 and 3 BHK apartment - there are 132 of them spread ove...
    Plot no B-9/15-16, Sector 62
  • Indian Oil Apartment
    Like the name suggests, Indian Oil Apartments was originally built to house the executives and senior officials of the public sector company. Naturally, the location has to be of a stature that goes with the suited-booted officials. With the original residents taking particular care, the construction quality is also fairly good. Generous in terms o...
    C58/23, Sector 62
  • Indraprastha Villa
    Love the idea of living  a dynamic lifestyle? That's what residents experience in Indraprastha Villa. Its  2 and 3 BHK flats are within the most happening sector of Noida, Sector 61. It's a contemporary housing Society with all sophisticated facilities. Located centrally with almost every facility right from hospital, school to restaurant...
    Plot no E-8A, Sector 61
  • Jagdambe Apartments
    Posh is the operating word when you refer to the location of Jagdambe Apartments. Spread over 2 acres this Society consists of 100 flats (2 BHK and 3 BHK) divided in 4 towers. The Society has installed its own water purifier for safe drinking water....
    C-58/25 Sector 62
  • Jeevan Ashray Apartment
    Launched in March 2001 and given possession on September, 2002, Jeevan Ashray Apartment is one of the better constructed housing societies in Noida. The other great thing is, the Society has plenty of open spaces. The credit for this goes to Purvanchal Construction Works. Spread across 3 acres, there are 7 blocks that house 104 apartments in 3 and ...
    C58/8, Sector 62
  • Kailash Dham SAS
    If ever there was a society that lived up to its name, it’s Kailash Dham in Noida's Sector 50. Named after Shiva’s abode in the Himalayas, the Society spells grandeur and dignity. A Purvanchal Builders project, this 5-acre property is one of the most well planned apartments, with chic, modern architecture and great utilisation of space....
    E-1, Sector 50
  • Kanchenjunga Apartments
    Kanchenjunga Apartments, the residential housing Society in Sector 53, is prominent and well-known. It's one of the oldest and most well laid out housing projects from Noida Development Authority. Urbanised over an area of 7 acres, the Society has 7 towers, 640 flats, parks, a market area, dedicated parking space and a play area. A segment of the S...
    Sector 53
  • Kendriya Vihar
    Wide variants of well planned apartments (1, 2, 3, 4 BHK) spread over a green area along with a serene temple inside - that's Sector 51's Kendriya Vihar. A housing Society with a verdant view, it has a noise-free surrounding. This gated community also enjoys the luxury of a library that is freely accessible to all residents. ...
    Sector 51
  • La Fameux Derma
    A-5 Sector 50, Noida...
    A-5, Sector 50, Noida
  • Lavanya Apartments
    Lavanya Apartments is another Society located near the most recognised landmark of Noida, Fortis hospital in Sector 62. It is a smaller Society compared to others in the area, spread in only 1.5 acres of land, but that hasn't stopped it from having as many as 8 towers housing 80 flats. A regular feature here is that every Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm ...
    C-58/9, Sector 62
  • Mahagun Maestro
    Mahagun Maestro offers options of 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments spread over a plot size of 7 acre. Architect Hafeez Contractor has poured all his creativity into this project that showcases excellent apartments with classic features. The prime location in Noida is another plus point for this housing Society. With 188 luxury flats, condominiums ...
    F-21 A, Sector 50
  • Mahagun Maple
    Spread on a 6-acre land, Mahagun Maple is a delight for connoisseurs of stylish living. Consisting of a total of 227 well-furnished 3-4 BHK flats distributed among three towers, it is one of the poshest housing societies of Sector 50, Noida. Developed by Mahagun India Pvt. Ltd., the residential colony is planned in a way to cater to all the needs o...
    F-26, Sector 50
  • Mahagun Morpheus
    This one is a residential complex that seems to be on a permanent take-off mode, and why not! With gates resembling a bird about to take flight, Mahagun Morpheus is certainly posh not just by virtue of its prominent location but also for its bouquet of features such as a swimming pool and a high end, loaded gym. With 116 flats distributed in 4 towe...
    E-4 Mahagun Morpheus, Sector 50
  • Marvel Homes
    You cannot but marvel at the two stately high rise towers at Marvel Homes in Sector 61, Noida. There is a discernible beauty about the complex that grips you almost immediately. The classy black and silver gate is just a preview of the far more impressive interiors. The entire Society is designed with a chic colour palette of white, grey and turquo...
    B-17, Sector 61
  • MEA Sahkari Awas Samiti
    The great thing about these flats is that these are located right next to Fortis hospital. That means in times of emergency (God forbid!), the hospital comes as a big relief to the residents who home in on the 112 2 and 3 BHK flats sitting pretty in 8 tower blocks.  ...
    C-58/29, Sector 62
  • Mecon Apartments
    A Purvanchal Group development, Mecon Apartments in Sector 62 offers competently planned and designed 2 and 3 BHK apartments in the heart of one of the busiest places in Noida. Spread over 4 acres, it is home to 90 flats in 9 towers. Basic amenities are all in place - which is expected, but the big advantage of this complex is its proximity to vari...
    C- 58/10, Sector 62
  • Meghdutam
    In quest of spacious abodes? Luxury and comfort laden Meghdutam may just be the one you are looking for. 27 floors above the ground and spread across 5 acres, Meghdutam is one of the tallest residential structures in NCR with every convenience at your disposal. The Society is divided into 3 towers comprising of 125 flats in 3 and 4 BHK layouts, the...
    Block F, Sector 50
  • Millennium Apartments
    Millennium Apartment - the name certainly sounds trendy. Better still, it is one of those societies that are extremely well maintained. A work of Elixir Buildcon, this residential project delivered in 2007, has well laid-out 2 and 3 BHK flats. There are a 100 of them spread across 3 towers. The locality itself is quite good, not just in terms of pe...
    E-10B, Sector 61
  • Neelkanth Apartments
    Constructed by Neelkanth Awas Samity, the developers have made sure to leave their stamp on this Sector 62 housing Society called Neelkanth Apartments. We are not sure about any divine presence here (Neelkanth, the other name of Lord Shiva), but those living in the 64 flats spread over four towers often complain about excessive sound pollution, the...
    Plot no B9/7A, Sector 62
  • Nirupam  Vatika
    Be a neighbour to Fortis, Shipra , Shopprix, GIP and Amity International School. Nirupam Vatika is an oasis of convenience for sure, all owing to its strategic location: Sector 62. The compactly knit 96 flats are all in a single tower that stands tall on a 2-acre territory. This Society has all necessary ingredients in place: Right location, perfec...
    C-58/14, Sector 62
  • Omaxe Twin Tower
    Fine amenities and infrastructure clubbed with suitable ambience and leisure facilities - Omaxe Tower has a lot going for its residents. The 2-acre complex is one among the premium luxury apartment complexes in the area. The twin towers with 144 3-BHK apartments offer high-class construction, healthy environs and energy efficient amenities. With so...
    F-21, Sector 50
  • Oriental Apartment
    Just in case you are wondering why this housing society is called Oriental and not Occidental, well, this complex is actually built for the employees of Oriental Insurance and hence the name. Developed by Purvanchal Group, Oriental Apartment complex features beautifully designed blocks of flats with appealing facades. It is a well maintained housin...
    C-58/26, Sector 62
  • Overseas Apartment
    Overseas Apartment is one of those housing complexes in Sector 62, Noida, where you can find comparatively bigger flats. Most of the flats in this Society are either 2 BHK or 3 BHK. All the blocks are fitted with lifts - so it doesn't matter which floor you are in....
    C-58/21, Sector 62
  • Palm Grove
    Set amidst a cluster of residential apartments, Palm Groove, the 2.5 acre residential complex in Sector 50, stands out with its twin towers housing 110 flats, mostly occupied by government employees. The 3 and 4 BHK flats are rich in modern features while hi-speed lifts, contemporary design, club, swimming pool and gym add to the quality of living ...
    F5, Sector 50
  • Panchvati Apartment
    Green and serene, Panchvati Apartment strategically located at Sector 62, Noida, is the address to be in. It is set amidst beautiful greens and free open space to make one feel truly rejuvenated being home. Spread across 2 acres, it has 5 towers (as the name suggests) and 76 flats. The options here are of 2 and 3 BHK apartments. With a temple insid...
    B-09/9, Sector 62
  • Park View Apartments
    For followers of Sai Baba, Park View Apartments do have an advantage - the complex is located right on the Sai Temple road. It's well maintained for sure and its developers Shuarya Vidhi Sahkari Awas Samiti have done a good job of the interior layouts of the 126 apartments in 3 and 4 BHK. With 3 apartment towers in 3 acres, the Society is also well...
    D Block, Sector 61
  • Parsvnath Gardenia
    Would you like to stay at a place that has all the popular American imports like McDonald's, Domino’s and Pizza Hut? Then this place would certainly appeal to you. But eateries and various shops are not the only charm of this housing society. For one, it has all the basics right - full power backup, common park, swimming pool and a loaded gym...
    E-8B, Gol Chakkar, Sector 61
  • Pathik Vihar
    Located in posh Sector 62 of Noida, Pathik Vihar is a 2 and 3 bedroom apartment complex which has 2 towers. The 8 floor buildings look pretty decent. With a calm ambience, the Society has two gates, the exit gate leading to the TOT mall and park. ...
    C-58/30, Sector 62
  • PMO Apartment
    One of the most prestigious addresses in Noida - the name PMO Apartment, acronym for Prime Minister's Office, itself demands a bow. Originally built for the staff of the Prime Minister of India's office, the building projects a very dignified and stately look, without compromising on style and modernity. This well developed Society spreads over a s...
    Plot no C-58/20, Sector 62
  • Prangan Apartment
    Thoughtfully designed 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are one of the USPs of this Sector 62 Society that has a posh location to boast. Punctuated by 2 towers across three acres, it has 70 happy families living within a neat, green spread....
    B-9/10, Sector 62
  • Prateek Fedora
    An integrated residential project embellished with all the modern facilities within its gate - that's Prateek Fedora, one of the classiest housing settlements in Sector 61, from Prateek Group. No wonder, it is a much sought after address. Sector 61 as a location itself is very attractive due to its connectivity with adjoining areas like Delhi, Vasu...
    E-11, Sector 61
  • Rajat Vihar Block A
    Rajat Vihar is one of the biggest residential housing societies spread across 26 acres in Sector 62, Noida. Divided into three main blocks, Block A is the smallest portion of the Society comprising of 156 duplex villas, spread across 3 acres of land. Every 3 BHK villa in the Block is surrounded by considerable private green area outside the entranc...
    Duplex, Block A, Sector 62
  • Reserve Bank Aashiana Apartments
    Walk in to this apartment complex and you would immediately experience a sense of peace and calm. That's because the residents have taken care to ensure a green cover all around the 16 low-rise blocks. It's small, it's neat and it's clean which definitely speak a lot about the occupants of the Society who stay in 62 2 and 3 BHK flats within the 1.5...
    C-58/31, Sector 62
  • Royal Garden Estate
    A society with healthcare, schools and markets nearby is ideal for habitation. Royal Garden Estate, spread across 4 acre in Sector 61, is one such residential abode that has the privilege of being in the centre of every facility. The Society has 9 towers and 282 flats designed flawlessly to blend in with the surroundings. Royal Garden Estate is wel...
    E-12, Sector 61
  • Sagar Apartments
    There is no sea (sagar) around, but that is not stopping anyone to name this Sector 62 Society as Sagar Apartments. Spread in 3 acres with 4 tower blocks which has 108 2 and 3 BHK flats, this complex is definitely one among the neater and cleaner apartments in Noida. Residents are also very eco conscious which is why it isn't surprising to find rai...
    C-58/15, Sector 62
  • Sagar Presidency
    Who doesn't like to wake up to the sounds of bells, chants and prayers? That's what you would do if you are a resident of Sagar Presidency in Sector 50. After all it is located close to Shri Bhagvaan Parshvnath Digambar Jain Mandir. Not surprisingly, the residents are a peaceful lot residing in a very tranquil corner of Noida. Spread across 3 acres...
    F-8, F Block, Sector 50
  • Saket Dham
    Tall buildings, green swaths and plush interiors – along with a range of options from 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats – Saket Dham has it all. One of the most sought-after residential societies in Noida, Saket Dham in Sector 61 is spread over a sprawling 4.17 acres and is one of the most spacious and airy apartment blocks in NCR. There are 122 fla...
    E-10, Sector 61
  • Salora Vihar
    Cosy and green, that's the first impression this residential Society offers. A well-furnished residential development from Assotech Developers, Salora Vihar Apartments offers competently designed 2 and 3 BHK flats for residents. Situated in the heart of the satellite city, it is spread over 3 acres with 76 flats divided into 3 towers. ...
    Plot no C-58/12, Sector 62
  • Sanchar Vihar
    Located bang opposite Fortis Hospital in the busiest junction in Sector 62, Noida, Sanchar Vihar Apartment complex by Purvanchal Group offers a range of skilfully planned and designed 2 and 3 BHK apartments. The apartment complex is spread over 2 acres and houses 64 flats divided into 4 towers. The Society is equipped with all the basic amenities t...
    C-58/4, Sector 62
  • Sector 50 RWA
    Situated just 2 km from the Noida City Centre, RWA sector 50 has 1,000 villas divided into 6 blocks from A to F. In the absence of a market in the Sector, Barola market serves as the go-to market for the residents. Sector 49 market caters to all the daily needs. The Sector celebrates all festivals with equal vigour....
    RWA, Sector 50
  • Sector 51 RWA, A & B Block
    The quickest way to travel in the city? The unanimous, resounding answer would be: Metro! Imagine stepping out of your house to see a Metro station! Bound to make you happy, isn’t it? The cluster of Blocks A and B that make the RWA of Sector 51 is situated right adjacent to the Noida City Centre Metro station. The Society comprises of 266 ind...
    Blocks A and B, Sector 51
  • Sector 52 RWA
    Sector 52 is segregated into housing societies and independent residences (RWA by Noida Development Authority). One of the many upscale colonies in the burgeoning satellite city, RWA Sector 52 is a widely known residential area with rows of 650 opulently done villas. The aesthetically maintained parks and lawns serve as the green lungs of the area ...
    Sector 52
  • Sector 53 RWA
    A villa set in a picturesque, green locale is an image straight out of an upscale lifestyle magazine. Or, it could simply be a snap taken somewhere in RWA Sector 53, Noida. RWA Sector 53 is a cluster of attractive villas strewn across wide roads. The area boasts of proximity to the major markets, shopping malls, educational institutes and health ce...
    RWA Sector 53
  • Sector 55 RWA
    Are you among those who like to live life king size? Sector 55 is your destination. After all, it is among one of the few posh localities of the satellite city that also features a unique idea: The Sector has thoughtfully designed yellow bus shelters meant especially for school students! The 65-acre Sector consists of an array of 800 luxurious and ...
    Sector 55 RWA
  • Shakti Kunj Apartments
    Ten acres. 9 towers. 220 flats. And the option of 2 and 3 BHK flats and penthouses. Shakti Kunj Apartments is one of the most aesthetically built societies of the area complete with a lush green cover. Adding to the peaceful atmosphere of the complex, there is also a temple built inside the society....
    B-9/3, Sector 62
  • Shanti Kunj
    Warm and welcoming is how you would describe Shanti Kunj in Sector 61, Noida. It may not have swanky, high-rise appeal but it does have all the comforts and necessities one need to feel at home. And it only helps that it is located in one of the most popular sectors in Noida. This 2-acre housing complex has only 3 BHK flats - perfect for small fami...
    E-16, Sector 61
  • Sharad Kunj Apartment
    If ever an apartment could wear its location on its sleeve, Shard Kunj, in Sector 62, would. Right in the middle of the hullabaloo that is Sector 62, Sharad Kunj Apartment stands as the epitome of classy taste with access to just about everything. Be it NH 24, swanky shopping malls, schools, including St Francis School, Mother's Pride, Indus Valley...
    C-58/18, Sector 62
  • Shatabdi Rail Vihar
    Research has proven that long periods spent looking at greenery boosts concentration, creativity and cognitive brain functions. Sadly, with the burgeoning human population, it is hardly a surprise that lush forests have been replaced with concrete jungles. Even areas designed as green areas turn into dusty, parched bits of land owing to the neglige...
    B-9/4, Sector 62
  • Shatabdi Vihar
    Cosy and well-knit, Shatabdi Vihar, Sector 61, is spread across 1.5 acres of land. The cluster of 144 varied size apartments were developed by Indian Railway Welfare Organisation (IRWO), under the Ministry of Railways, in order to facilitate affordable dwellings to the retired and serving railway employees. The beautifully landscaped residential so...
    E-5, Sector 61
  • Shatabdi Vihar
    Another housing project by the Noida Development Authority (NDA), Shatabdi Vihar Apartment complex is a cosy and understated housing complex located in Block E of Sector 52. Being an NDA developed project, it wears a comparatively simple look, lacking the sophistication some of the private housing projects in Noida have. What the Society lacks in c...
    E-3, Sector 52
  • Shaurya Apartments
    In line with the ‘Clean Noida, Green Noida’ theme, Shaurya Apartments is a cosy, spic and span Society in the heart of Noida. Developed by Metropark Developers, this well-furnished, well-kept residential development in Sector 62 is spread across 3 acres and offers 84 thoughtfully designed 3 and 4 BHK flats divided between 2 towers.&...
    B9/7B, Sector 62
  • Shivkala Apartments
    Entering through the gates designed with aesthetic sinusoidal pergolas, one feels a sense of grandeur that the imposing structures of Shivkala Apartments evoke. But walk further beyond the external façade, and you are greeted with a softer image straight out of a romantic movie: It's the park, manicured and full of flowers. Situated bang opp...
    D-19, Sector 51
  • Shivkala Luxury Apartment
    The well-known Mamura Chowk is central to many housing societies in Sector 62, Noida. The 2-acre Shivkala Apartment is one of them. The Society's location is the base station of many IT institutes like Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Global Institute of Management and Technology, JSS Academy of Technical Education, and so on. The comple...
    B-9/11, Sector 62
  • Shramdeep Apartments
    Right in the heart of Noida there's an established structure that truly honours the sun god. Any guesses? No prizes for guessing it right, for Shramdeep Apartments from Sampada Group is already well known for its unique set of apartments the layout of which is such that every flat affords a garden view, proper ventilation and yes, sunlight that str...
    B-9/1-B, Sector 62
  • Shubhkamna Apartments
    Fully ventilated apartments that look out to a beautifully landscaped open area - that's Subhkamna Apartments for you. With 135 apartments housed in 5 towers, this Sector 50 housing Society has 5 acres as its canvas. A temple outside - Shri Bhagvaan Parshvnath Digambar Jain Mandir - brings in positive vibes....
    Plot no F-31, Sector 50
  • Silver Estate
    Imagine your very own cabin amidst the woods. A serene abode in the lap of nature, basking in the sun. But alas! Being an ascetic and living off the grid is not everyone’s cup of tea, no matter how much of a nature lover you are. What if you could find a home like that in the heart of the city? Could you resist it? Silver Estate at Sector 50,...
    F-29, Sector 50
  • Sneh Kunj
    The fast lives we live in often leave us cold. Imagine coming home tired from a hard day’s work and being embraced in a warmth that soothes your senses. The aptly named Sneh Kunj Apartment complex has that same effect on you. Situated in posh Sector 62, the complex houses 64 flats in two towers, spread over an area of 2 acres. Earlier known a...
    Plot no C-58/13, Sector 62
  • Stellar Park
    This is a complex where the builders have paid enough attention on the design details as they have on construction quality. The result is a very Victorian exterior with skirted windows. No wonder, Stellar Park is easily one of the most aesthetically built apartments in sector 62. Highly visible from a distance, it stands at the intersection of four...
    Stellar Building C-56/9, Sector-62
  • Swagatam Apartment
    Swagatham stands true to its name as the Society welcomes you in with open arms to its serene premises. Set in Sector 62, Noida, the apartment complex has ample green area around its 4 towers. The complex has a cosy, compact feel, with an area of 2 acres and 96 flats....
    7, C- 58/7, Sector 62,
  • Swarn Jayanti Rail Nagar
    As the name suggests, this is a Society for railway employees. The Society has been urbanised by Indian Railway Welfare Organisation (IRWO ), under the aegis of the Ministry of Railways, Government of India, with the intention of providing affordable residence to serving and retired railway employees. The 2-acre spread Swarnjayanti Rail Nagar is an...
    A-1, Sector 50
  • Telecom City, Door Sanchar Sehkari Awas Samiti
    With the landmark Fortis hospital right behind, Telecom City - a development project of Door Sanchar Sahkari Awas Samiti Ltd. - enjoys a very respectable stature. Besides, the thoughtful design of its 2, 3 and 4 BHK residences make living very comfortable. In fact, the 206 flats spread over 4 blocks are loaded with amenities. As if this wasn't ...
    B-9/6, Sector 62
  • Trikuta Hills
    You are welcomed at the gate with trees all around. A grand gate draws you in to a lush green lawn, bordered with trees and shrubs. Standing on the lawn, you can see the buildings facing you. Set in Sector 62 and spread across 2 acres, Trikuta Hills has just the perfect setting for that dream home. The Society has 2 towers and 102 apartments w...
    Star Sahkari Awas Samiti, C58/27, Sector 62
  • Ushma Urja
    Daily commute takes up half the time in our lives. Let alone commuting for work. How does it feel if you are on the way to the mall with your family for a gala time, and you are stuck in a jam with nothing to do but sit in the car and play antakshari with your kids? Caught in a traffic snarl, cursing the incessant honking, how many times have you w...
    C-58/3 Sector 62
  • V.S.N.L. Officers Apartments
    If nothing less than three bedroom is your idea of good living, then VSNL (Videsh Sanchaar Nigam Limited) Apartment is ideal for you: All the apartments are not less than 3 BHK. Executed by Assotech Ltd., this Sector 62 Society consists of 84 flats nestled in 2 towers. Originally built for telecom officials, the mixed group of professionals residin...
    C-58/78, Sector 62
  • Varun Apartment
    Taking up an expansive 5 acres in the heart of Noida, Varun Apartment complex is a vast, spacious housing Society that offers its residents an attractive cocktail of choices with airy, well-ventilated apartments and prominence of location. The residential Society consists of 2 and 3 BHK apartments accommodated in 5 towers with a total of 132 reside...
    C-58/28, C Block, Sector 62
  • Vinayak Apartment
    Now this is a Society that truly lives up to the claims real estate developers make in their brochures about an elevated lifestyle. Its residents are 'been there, done that' type, and live the good life across the 128 flats spread out on 4 acres....
    58/19, Sector 62
  • Yarrows Apartments
    A flat here can easily set you back by one crore plus, but then considering it is one of the better built housing societies, that too on a great location, Yarrows Apartment can afford to be pricey. Developed by the CAG group's officers, it has 75 flats in 3 BHK, spread over two towers. Linked to NH 24, it is also very convenient for both residents ...
    C-58/5, Sector 62


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