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  • Aadi Apartment RWA Dwarka
    Aadi Apartment RWA Dwarka

    Aadi Apartment RWA is one of the residential developments of located at Sector-1 Dwarka. It offers spacious and skilfully designed 2BHK apartments. The project is well equipped with all the basic amenities to facilitate the needs of the residents.

    New Delhi
    Pocket 3, Sector 1 Dwarka, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi 110075
  • Ashirwad Apartments
    Ashirwad Apartments

    Ashirwad Apartments was given its name by Nirankari Baba Hardev Singh jimaharaj, as a blessing while laying the Society’s foundation stone. The Society is registered as Universal Brotherhood CGHS Ltd. The Society strives to live up to the name and in fact has been quite successful at it. It might be envious to some there has been no need o...

    New Delhi
    Plot 11, Sector 12, Ashirwad Chowk,Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078
  • Defence Officers Society
    Defence Officers Society

    Defence Office...

    New Delhi
    Sector 4, Plot No 33, Dwarka
  • Dream Apartments
    Dream Apartments

    Imagine a Society with all communities living in harmony. People celebrating Id, Christmas, Lohri and Janmashtami with the same vigour. Feels like a dream, doesn't it?

    Dream Apartments is exa...

    New Delhi
    Plot No-14, Sector 22, Dwarka
  • Ganpati Apartments
    Ganpati Apartments

    Named after Lord Ganesha, the God of auspicious beginings and prosperity, Ganpati Apartments is a CGHS (Cooperative Group Housing Society). Located in the heart of the Dwarka at Sector 9, the society is known for its diversity, management and unique infrastructure. Spread over an area of around 7,500 sqm, the society ...

    New Delhi
    Plot No.-6, Sector-9, Dwarka
  • Mahalaxmi Apartments
    Mahalaxmi Apartments

    Mahalaxmi Apartments is one of the biggest societies of Dwarka. It was constructed in the late nineties and members started getting possession from 2000. On the formation of the Cooperative Group and the significance of the founder members, President of the Society, KN Yadav says, “The Society is a CGHS( Cooperative Group Housing Society) ...

    New Delhi
    Plot No 4, Sector 2, Dwarka
  • Manzil CGHS Ltd
    Manzil CGHS Ltd
    New Delhi
    Plot No 07, Sector 09, Dwarka, New Delhi
  • Media CGHS Ltd
    Media CGHS Ltd

    Plot No.  18A, Sector- 7, Dwarka, New Delhi

    New Delhi
    Plot No. 18A, Sector- 7, Dwarka, New Delhi
  • New Millennium Apartments
    New Millennium Apartments

    Imagine living in a Society where all residents are related by blood. In the words of MS Suri, Vice President of the Society, “We live as one big family and support each other through all odds. Our bonding with each other is palpable to outsiders. We have an in-house cam...

    New Delhi
    Plot No-2, Sector 23, Dwarka
  • Radhika  Apartments
    Radhika Apartments

    Radhika Apartment in Sector 14 Pocket 1, is a residential pocket developed by Delhi Development Authority (DDA). There are a total of 976 one-bedroom flats distributed in 61 blocks with an area of 420 sqft each. The Society was developed in the late 90s and allotted and allotment was started in 2000. The Society is a milieu of ...

    New Delhi
    Sector 14 Pocket 1, Dwarka
  • Sadbhawna Apartments
    Sadbhawna Apartments

    The world might be dog-eat-dog, but there's something about Dwarka that makes people stand up beside each other and live with compassion despite all odds. The quintessential Society that is Sadbhavna reflects just that.

    New Delhi

    Plot No-8, Sector 22, Dwarka
  • Sahyadri Apartments
    Sahyadri Apartments

    Located in Sector 12, Dwarka, Sahyadri Apartments is a ready-to-move-in residential project offering 2 and 3 BHK flats. After its allotment process started in 2002, the apartments have been a popular choice due to its cosmopolitan nature. It is spread across an expanse of 2 acres, with dedicated areas for vegetation. There is an option of reserv...

    New Delhi
    Plot-5, Sector 12, Dwarka, Phase-I
  • Skylark Apartments
    Skylark Apartments

    You can see the huge statue of Lord Ganesha as you approach the Society. In fact, it is an identifying feature of Skylar Society, Sector 6, Dwarka.

    Skylark Apartments is a Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS) located in the heart of the sub-city in Sector 6. The Society is known for its management ...

    New Delhi
    Plot No 35, Sector 6, Dwarka
  • Aakash Ganga CGHS
    Aakash Ganga CGHS

    In an age when sporadic black and white TVs graced a few ‘elite’ households and internet was unheard of, we Indians had a lot less to worry about. Pollution wasn’t a threat as it is now, cycling was safe and the landscape was replete with sumptuous greens. It is surprising that a Society in Dwarka had planned its features so ah...

    New Delhi
    Plot-17, Sector 6, Dwarka
  • Air Force and Naval Officers CGHS Ltd.
    Air Force and Naval Officers CGHS Ltd.

    Air Force and Naval Officers Enclave is a Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS) in southwest Delhi.Biggest Society in Dwarka. Registered in 1980 and flats allotment in 1998. The society has majorly its residents from Air Force, Naval & Army background. Spread over an area of 27,612 sqm, the society is having 375 flats of Same dimensions o...

    New Delhi
    Plot No 11, Sector 7, Dwarka
  • Anmol Apartments
    Anmol Apartments

    Small is priceless, believe the residents of one of Dwarka's smallest residential societies, Anmol Apartments. What was constructed in 2003 as Bhagwan Sri Gomteshwarji CGHS is today a close-knit society of 51 families, known in the housing community as Anmol Apartments. Anil Sharma, president of the society, says, "The best part about being a sm...

    New Delhi
    Plot 3A, Sector 2, Dwarka
  • Anusandhan Apartments
    Anusandhan Apartments

    With a multitude of impressive stone arches adorning its façade, Anusandhan Apartments is a spic and span apartment complex centrally located in Dwarka. An initiative by a group of Telecom engineering professionals, Anusandhan Apartments is a ready-to-move-in residential complex that started its allotment process way back in 1998. Spread ...

    New Delhi
    Plot-22, Sector-6, Dwarka
  • Asha Deep Apartments
    Asha Deep Apartments

    In an age when clean and regular water supply is a novelty, a Society in Dwarka shows us a ray of hope. Asha Deep Apartment has water supplied by Delhi Jal Board. Wait! The Society bore well is another source that ensures the seamless water supply. 

    Asha Deep Apartment i...

    New Delhi
    Plot No 3B, Sector 2, Dwarka
  • Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together
    Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together

    Association of Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together (ANHLGT) was formed in 2009 b...

    New Delhi
    Sector 23, Dwarka
  • Badhwar Apartments
    Badhwar Apartments

    For most of the early parts of our lives, we are dependent on teachers to show us the way: To tell right from wrong and know good from bad. In fact, a teacher's role is often under-rated as students grow up to be successful professionals. Nothing, however, can lessen the importance of teachers in our lives.

    New Delhi

    Plot No-3, Sector 6, Dwarka
  • Classic Apartments
    Classic Apartments

    Classic Apartments Cooperative Group Housing Society was first registered as “Aimo CGHS” in the early 1980s by a group of medical professionals and later changed to “Classic” in 2001 by the society’s residen...

    New Delhi
    Plot No-11, Sector 22, Dwarka
  • Daffodils Apartments
    Daffodils Apartments

    Daffodils Cooperative Group Housing Society is located in the heart of the sub city at Sector 6. The Society is known for its diversity, management and unique infrastructure. There are 120 flats in which 112 flats are 3 BHK and 8 flats are 2 BHK. The 3 BHK flats are of around 90 sqm and 2 BHK flats are of an area of 78 sqm. All the 120 flats are...

    New Delhi
    Sector 6, Plot No 36, Dwarka
  • Delhi Apartments
    Delhi Apartments

    A namesake of the beautiful capital city, Delhi Apartments is one of the most sought after societies in Dwarka. It offers a broad range of plush apartments to choose from. With a total 120 flats of myriad configurations, the Society offers excellent facilities to its resi...

    New Delhi
    Plot -15C, Sector 22, Dwarka
  • Guru Apartments
    Guru Apartments

    Guru Apartments is a Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS) located in the heart of Dwarka. The Society has a total of 120 flats in 3 BHK layout with four different configurations and areas (1,250-1,700 sqm). In the early eighties, a group of people from EIL (Engineers India Ltd) formed this cooperative group and the Society was registere...

    New Delhi
    Plot No-2, Sector 6, Dwarka
  • Himachali CGHS LTD. (Gauri Ganesh Apartments)
    Himachali CGHS LTD. (Gauri Ganesh Apartments)

    Himachali Society, Sector 3, Dwarka is a Cooperative Group Housing Society. According to the Secretary of the society Jitendra Uppal, Himachali Society was established in 1992 for which the cooperative group was formed in the early eighties the people from Himachal Pradesh.
    Also known as Gauri Ganesh Society, Himachali Society&nbs...

    New Delhi
    Sector 3, Dwarka
  • Jagran Apartments
    Jagran Apartments

    Bengalis are known for their Roshogollas, Hilsa, Adda and intellect. Every Bengali, from a tea-seller to a CEO, is taught to be well-read since they are kids. Wisdom opens up new worlds in one's head, awakening senses. Probably that's why the Bengali community who formed this&...

    New Delhi
    Plot No-17, Sector 22, Dwarka
  • Kamakshi Apartments (CGHS)
    Kamakshi Apartments (CGHS)

    Kamakshi Apartments, a venture of Grih Mantralaya Cooperative Group Housing Society, was formed in the early eighties by a group of people working in the Home Ministry. According to the management of the Society, the apartments were constructed in the late nineties. “The construction of the Society was started in 1994 and it was ready...

    New Delhi
    Plot No- 28, Sector 6, Dwarka
  • NPSC Society
    NPSC Society

    Teachers are influential in building the future of a nation. They shape young minds and inspire impressionable kids to help achieve their full potential. Teachers transform. They innovate. They carry a huge onus on their shoulders and play their part perfectly.

    NPSC Society is a Cooperative Group Housing Society formed by a group of...

    New Delhi
    Plot No- 5, Sector 2, Dwarka
  • Pragya CGHS Ltd
    Pragya CGHS Ltd

    Pragya CGHS Ltd is a Cooperative Group Housing Society spread over an area of 2.5 acres. There is a total of 158 flats of 3 BHK dimension. However, flats on the 1st floor are with some extra space and different specification. President of the society RK Blaggan says, “We are one of those few societies in Dwarka where there is a servant qua...

    New Delhi
    Plot No 1B, Sector 2, Dwarka
  • Rajasthan Apartment
    Rajasthan Apartment

    New Delhi

    Sector 4, Plot No 36, Dwarka
  • Som CGHS
    Som CGHS

    Few societies house duplexes. A duplex is like an ordinary flat, but with double levels. And it's double the fun! Som Apartments is one among few such societies that house plush duplex apartments in Dwarka. Constructed in the late nineties, this Cooperative Group Housing Society (CGHS) is located in the heart of Dwarka, Sector 6. Sprea...

    New Delhi
    Plot No 23, Sector 6, Dwarka
  • Vasundhra Apartment
    Vasundhra Apartment

    Named after Mother Earth, Vasundhra Apartment has vast green spaces adorning its premises. The sumptuous greens in the Society have won the complex several accolades.

    A ready to move-in CGHS (Cooperative Group Housing Society), it offers spacious 3 BHK flats. A project that starte...

    New Delhi
    Plot-16, Sector 6, Dwarka
  • Vrindavan Apartments
    Vrindavan Apartments

    Vrindavan was once known for its cultural heritage and its forests. Vrindavan Apartments, a Cooperative Group Housing Society, aims to replicate the same greenery within its premises with a wide variety of flora planted in its gardens. The brainchild of Central Water Commission officials, this Society offers comfortable 3 BHK flats. It offers ro...

    New Delhi
    Plot 1, Sector 6, Dwarka
  • Youngsters CGHS Ltd
    Youngsters CGHS Ltd

    The next-gen will define the new future. Thanks to the massive amounts of information available in their palms these days, the future looks promising. Taking unique eco-friendly initiatives like solar powered amenities, Youngsters Apartment in Dwarka is truly a pioneer.

    Brainchild of a group of chartered accountants, Youngsters Apar...

    New Delhi
    Plot-13C, Sector 6, Dwarka


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