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  • Dhawalgiri Housing Complex
    Dhawalgiri Housing Complex

    DhawalGiri Apartment is one of the popular residential society in Sector 11, Noida. It is at a prime location right at Delhi-Noida Border with 12/22 Chowk at a walking distance giving residents the transport connectivity 24 hrs. Nearby is main market of sector 11, S...

    Block U-3,
  • Sector 21, Jalvayu Vihar
    Sector 21, Jalvayu Vihar

    Sector 21and 25 - two sectors combine to mak...

    Jal Vayu Vihar, Sector 21/25
  • Sector 25, Jalvayu Vihar
    Sector 25, Jalvayu Vihar

    Sector 21and 25 - two sectors combine to mak...

    Jal Vayu Vihar, Sector 21/25
  • Demo
    Sector 93A, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Sector 14 RWA
    Sector 14 RWA

    A plush, green, quiet and serene place, RWA Sector 14 reflects abundance and prosperity. This Sector of 6 acres has 360 magnificent villas and finds itself located right in the heart of Noida. It provides excellent access and better connectivity than many other Noida sectors. Metro line just hooks up the Sector at the closest point, Sector 15. E...

    Sector 14
  • Sector 15 RWA
    Sector 15 RWA

    Noida's Sector 15 is perhaps the oldest Sector of the satellite town. The central location and proximity to Delhi makes this Sector one of the most sought after to settle in Noida. Decked up in glorious greens, the 8 acres that make this Sector is dotted with parks, gardens, tree-lined roads, foliage and play area. It also has its own community ...

    Sector 15
  • Sector 15A RWA
    Sector 15A RWA

    Also known as the VIP sector, this posh residential area in Noida is home to a number of high ranking government officials and politicians. Situated on the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway and just 300 metres away from Mayur Vihar Phase I in Delhi, Sector 15A is replete with open spaces, playgrounds, a classy club house, restaurants and various ot...

    Sector 15A
  • Sector 17  RWA
    Sector 17 RWA

    Sector 17, home to 82 classy independent residences across 8 acres of land, has the right environmental and infrastructural balance. Tall trees stand as silent sentinels on the outer boundary of most of the villas. The Sector understands the need for incorporating nature into the urban societies and it has done so magnificently.

    Sector 17
  • Sector 19 RWA
    Sector 19 RWA

    Sector 19 is a tribute to Mother earth. The residential units appear to be designed around trees and gardens so that every house draws in adequate sunlight. The Sector is jam-packed with 2,500 independent residences, spread across 50 acres of land with independent residences ranging from 80 to 450 sqm.

    Sector 19 RWA
  • Sector 20 RWA
    Sector 20 RWA

    RWA Sector 20 is a self sufficient residential sector just a few hundred meters from the famous Rajnigandha Chowk in Noida. The Sector enjoys supply from 4 markets and ample open space in the form of 12 parks. The police station at the sector ensures safety and protection ...

    RWA sector 20
  • Sector 22 RWA
    Sector 22 RWA

    Established in 1978 under Sanjay Gandhi Yojna scheme, RWA Sector 22 is just five minutes away from the bustling 12/22 road. The Sector has 2,264 independent residential units offered on "first come and first served" basis to people belonging to three categories: MIG (Middle Income Group), LIG (Lower Income Group) and EWS
    (Economically Weak...

    Sector 22
  • Sector 23 RWA
    Sector 23 RWA

    Noida's Sector 23 is a collection of 307 swanky and opulent villas the area size of which ranges from 112 sqm to 300 sqm. This independent residential housing Society is an integrated gated community with generously proportioned villas under a neat umbrella of greenery. Comfort and convenience - residents enjoy them both here.

    Sector 23
  • Sector 26 RWA
    Sector 26 RWA

    Sector 26 RWA - this one with luxury villas - is a spic and span housing society thanks to its active RWA and the cooperation of the residents. With a sprawling park and lush green lawns, 
    it is spread over an area of 45 acres, and has about 1,200 villas. Ranging from 110 to 450 sqm, the villas surround a clubhouse ...

    RWA Sector 26
  • Sector 27  RWA
    Sector 27 RWA

    For those who want to live life king-size, living in apartments doesn't quite cut it. Whether you are a connoisseur of fine living or one of the nouveau rich wanting to upgrade your pad, RWA Sector 27 just might be the touch of class you are looking for.

    Just 1.3 km away from the DND (Delhi-Noida-Delhi) flyover, RWA Sector 27 is a posh l...

    G Block , Sector 27
  • Sector 12 RWA
    Sector 12 RWA

    If you're among those who like to plan things your own way, then Sector 12 is an ideal place for you. The Society is spread across Blocks A to Z and has  plots ranging from 50, 112 and 162  meters. But that's not all. Sector 12 also boasts of several amenities that add a unique touch to residents' lifestyle.

    The Sector is built...

    Sector 12


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