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  • Arun Vihar RWA, Sector 28, 29, 37
    Organised with Spartan efficiency, Arun Vihar RWA (AVRWA) is a fully integrated township for retired and serving armed forces officials. AVRWA covers sectors 28, 29 and 37, with its office, Kalyan Kendra, located in Sector 37. Spread over approximately 300 acres, it consists of 4,752 dwelling units with around 25,000 residents. Arun Vihar was ...
    Arun Vihar RWA, Sector 37
  • B-1, Arawali Apartments
    B 1 Arawali Apartment are a landmark in Sector 34, Noida. Established in 2003, the B-1, Arawali Apartment Society is spread across 8 acres and 4 towers. The Society harbours 352 residential units in 1 BHK layout. And oh, you would love this: The campus is wifi enabled and residents can access the net for free. ...
    B-1, Sector 34
  • B-10, Uday Giri 2
    Old is gold. The air smelled purer, the veggies tasted better and possessions lasted longer. Standing the test of time, the NDA Udaygiri 2 Society still stands proudly in an era in which most possessions are short lived. The exteriors may have worn out, but it is evident that the mortar and concrete used to build this old complex still hold strong....
    B-10, Sector 34
  • B-12A Dhawalgiri Apartments
    Replete with rows of trees and a large green area, B-12 Dhawalgiri is a row of cosy homes in a prominent area. The complex appears to be a well-knit community of warm people living in harmony. Spread over an area of 1.5 acres, the Society set in Sector 34 consists of five blocks with a total of 248 flats. The complex lies close to the St. Mary&rsqu...
    B-12A, Sector 34
  • B-3 Aravali Apartment
    The Aravali Apartment stands rock-solid just like its namesake, the Aravali hills. Named after the oldest plateau mountains in India and set in Sector 34, the Society is flanked by NTPC Township on one side and two major parks (Sector 34 Park and Aravali Park) in proximity. The housing Society is spread across 8 acres of land consisting of 352 2-BH...
    B-3, Sector 34
  • BSNL Tel Exchange Residential Campus
    BSNL has always been known to take good care of its employees, especially when it comes to accommodation and housing. It offers just that in Sector 39 of Noida, a seamless blend of independent residential houses, private housing societies and corporate-owned housing blocks. Small and cosy, the BSNL Housing Society is spread across 2 acres and has 4...
    Plot B-46 BSNL, Sector 39
  • Canara Bank Apartment
    Back in 1990, Noida Development Authority developed a 4 acre piece of land located strategically in Block E-4, Sector 26, Noida, and then built 4 towers, naming them Canara Bank Apartment. As you may have guessed, these towers housing 120 apartments in 1 and 2 BHK plan are meant exclusively for Canara bank employees. As is usually the case, the org...
    E-4, Sec-26
  • Cityview Apartments
    Just as the white coat distinguishes a doctor from a patient, similarly Cityview Apartments, Sector 35, Noida, differentiates itself from the usual societies by being a doctors' only complex. Sandwiched between other housing complexes this doctors' hub has 4 towers and 102 flats which are allotted to professionals from ICPO (Institute of Cytology a...
    Plot No. 119, Sector 35
  • Dhawalgiri Apartments B-5
    Spread over 3 acres, the Dhawalgiri Apartment complex resembles a government society. It has identical four-storied standalone buildings with a cluster of 320 2-BHK flats. Constructed by builders in 2004, the Society has two big and two small gates, which are regulated according to school timings. The Society also has a charitable clinic....
    B-5, Sector 34
  • Garima Vihar
    Like all other things in life, looking for the perfect home is all about balance. The perfect balance between the look and feel, the necessities and the wants, the need to get away from the madding crowd and the need to stay connected. More often than not, we sacrifice some of our wishes in search of that elusive golden mean. We want our home to be...
    A-124, Sector 35
  • Himgiri Apartments
    Sector 34 in Noida is packed with age old housing complexes developed by NDA some of which resemble architecture from a prior era. It is nowhere more apparent than in Himgiri Apartments which was developed by the Noida Development Authority over a spread of 2 acres. Divided among 8 blocks are 368 flats all in 2 BHK layout. The compound wears a kind...
    B-14, Sector 34
  • HPCL Housing Complex
    Guess where all the oil and petroleum guys live? Well, it could be at Sector 39 - a hub of housing complexes meant for employees of some of the prime petroleum based PSUs of India including IOCL, ONGC and HPCL....
    H-63B, Sector 39 Noida
  • Indian Oil Corporation Limited Housing Compex (Marketing Division)
    As you may have guessed, IOC Apartments in Sector 39 is built for Indian Oil Corporation employees. If nothing else, the Society stands apart for its sheer size of wide open outdoors landscaped with trees. In fact, soothing sounds of nature mesmerise one right at the entrance. Conveniently located in Sector 39, the complex is just a few kilometres ...
    H-63C, IOCl Housing Complex, Sector 39
  • KRIBHCO Township
    Plot no.-122, Block 9, Sector 35, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301
  • Nar Vihar-II
    Named after Mahavir Chakra awardee Late Naik Nar Singh of 4 Kumaon, Nar Vihar II wears a rather impressive appearance. Neat and well maintained the compound oozes resolute punctuality and tidiness unlike other housing complexes of Sector 34. Developed by the Army Welfare Housing Organisation, the compound is laid on in an area of 2 acres and is spl...
    Sector 34
  • Nilgiri 3
    No, despite its name, it has got nothing to do with the luscious greenery of the Nilgiri hills, but that hasn't stopped Nilgiri 3 apartment complex, located at the C Block of Sector 34, from doing its bit to maintain some amount of green cover in the neighbourhood. Built up over an area of 4 acres by the Noida Development Authority, the compound co...
    C-7, Sector 34
  • Nilgiri I
    This Society located in the heart of Noida is built up over an area of 4 acres by the Noida Development Authority. The compound consists of 4 towers, parking area and a little play space. The 176 flats, all in 3 BHK, come with basic amenities. ...
    C-72 Sector 34,
  • NTPC Samriddhi (C and D) Township
    An offshoot of the NTPC township of Noida's Sector 33, Samriddhi provides for a cozy nest for the employees of Maharatna company National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. Developed and maintained by NTPC, the apartments are open to working NTPC employees only. With some amount of open space, and decent gardens, the compound is free from the city cong...
    A-71, Sector 33
  • NTPC Township Shubham
    Standing on plot no. 44 of Block A, Sector 33, Noida, are 21 towers of NTPC Shubham - a part of the NTPC Township that also has Samriddhi and Shaurya apartments. Developed and maintained by NTPC, the apartments are open to working NTPC employees only and has the appearance of a typical government accommodation. The recreation centre of the township...
    Plot no. A 44, Sector 33
  • Rail Vihar
    In a locality of government townships and housing complexes, Rail Vihar apartments were developed and allotted by New Okhla Industrial Development Authority. The facade of the housing complex, naturally, resembles typical government employee accommodation. As the name says it all, the residents comprise mostly of employees of Indian Railways. Besid...
    B-66, Sector 33
  • Rail Vihar
    Spread across 2 acres and loaded with conveniences, Rail Vihar is a centrally located housing complex in Sector 30, Noida. One of the prominent Societies of the Sector, one cannot but take note of the fact that it has a rather quiet environment. The Society was developed by Indian Railway Welfare Organisation (IRWO), under the umbrella of the Minis...
    Rail Vihar Awas Samiti, Sector 30
  • Ram Vihar
    Ram Vihar is strategically located in the heart of the satellite city in Sector 30. Spread across 2 acres, this housing Society has 7 towers and 202 flats. This 2 and 3 BHK Society is in the midst of a cluster of independent residential units. Built by the Army Welfare Housing Organisation for its members, this multi-storeyed complex is among the f...
    RWA Ram Vihar, Sector 30
  • Sector 30 RWA
    Since the inception of New Okhla Industrial Development Authority (Noida) in 1976, the futuristic infrastructure and rapid development in Noida has attracted thousands of end users from Delhi and nearby regions to setup home in the burgeoning city. RWA Sector 30, Noida, established in 1988 is one among such locales established in the nascent years ...
    Sector 30
  • Sector 31 RWA
    Flanked by two flourishing localities of the satellite city- Golf Course and Wave City Centre, the Sector 31 area is one of the most upscale locations in all of Noida. Spread over 12 acres, the Sector is segregated into three main blocks, A, B and C and has 1,000 independent luxurious residences. Set in the heart of Noida, the Sector has a healthy ...
    Sector 31
  • Sector 33 RWA
    Located just 3 km away from the Noida City Centre Metro Station, RWA Sector 33 is a self-reliant residential society developed by Noida Development Authority. It has a total 275 houses ranging from 112 sqm to 450 sqm. RWA Sector 33, which has five beautiful parks, is divided into three blocks. A local market for shopping, and a hassle-fre...
    Sector 33 RWA
  • Sector 34 RWA, Block A
    A residential housing society of Noida Development Authority, RWA A-Block, Sector 34 has a wide range of plots with lots of open space. It has in all 92 independent houses over an area of 300 sqm. The Society has well maintained parks and a capacious community centre. There are schools, hospitals, markets and petrol pumps in the neighbourhood....
    Sector 34 RWA
  • Sector 34 RWA, Block C
    A residential housing society of Noida Development Authority, RWA Block C, Sector 34, has a wide range of plots with lots of open space. The block has 56 houses ranging from 312 sqm to 334 sqm. The Society has well maintained parks and a spacious community centre. There are schools, hospitals, markets and petrol pumps in the neighborhood....
    Sector 34 RWA, Block C
  • Sector 35 RWA
    This Society is located at a very prime location of Noida and it is developed by the Noida Development Authority. To make things even better, this is also the residential sector of NP Singh, the President of Federation of Noida Residential Welfare Association (FONRWA). Walk past the gates and you will be greeted with lush greenery all around. The R...
    Sector 35
  • Sector 36 RWA
    Situated in the midst of posh locales like Golf Course and Wave City Centre, Sector 36 is a respectable place to be in. The Sector is characterised by rows of lavish independent residences and wide roads. Spread across 15 acres (roughly) area, the Sector has an assortment of 1,000 independent residences ranging between 162 to 400 sqm divided into f...
    A-131, Community Centre, Sector 36
  • Sector 39 RWA
    RWA Sector 39, a cluster of independent houses by Noida Development Authority, is one of the sought-after zipcodes in Noida. The Sector has an array of thoughtfully-designed 550 ornate villas. The 30-acre Sector is divided into 8 blocks (A to H) with houses ranging from 2 BHK to 4 BHK. The Noida City Centre Metro is at distance of a mere 50 metres ...
    Sector 39
  • Sector 40 RWA
    Set up between the Noida Golf Course and Aghapur village, Noida Sector 40 is an area that sees a mix of both residential and commercial buildings. All edges of the area touches the Noida Golf Course, while Noida City Centre Metro station is also nearby.   The entire Sector is divided among 6 blocks which together constitute the Residents Wel...
    RWA Sector 40 -(GS Bindra, Secretary)
  • Sector 41 RWA
    This Society located in the Golf links was a part of Aghapur village before it was turned into an organised housing society. Now the Aghapur village is right behind the Society. Developed by Noida Development Authority (NDA), it is registered with the Federation of the Noida Residential Welfare Associations (FONRWA). Plot sizes here range from 100 ...
    Sector 41
  • Shaurya NTPC Township Apartment
    The facade of this housing complex offers the typical impression of govt. employee quarters. And why shouldn't it? After all, it is developed and allotted by National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) of India and residents comprise mostly of high ranking officers of NTPC. In fact, there are no provisions to accommodate anyone if one is not from NTP...
    C-55, Sector 33
  • Uday Giri 1st Apartment
    Constructed by NDA, Udaya Giri 1st Apartments is designed for a demographic looking for economical options in Noida. The Society consists of cosy 1 BHK flats only. Sprawled over 3 acres, the Society is a collection of 528 flats divided in 33 blocks. The complex has a temple, complete with a spacious keertan hall, within its premises. All events and...
    B10A/B12, Sector 34


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